The Pleasant Hill Citizens for Responsible Growth ("PHCRG") is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting sensible growth and development consistent with residents' desires. We are a registered Political Action Committee (PAC) and provide financial support to candidates for local non-partisan races and ballot measures. We also serve as citizen watchdogs and monitor local government to hold public officials accountable.

PHCRG is the only community organization whose exclusive focus is informing and representing Pleasant Hill residents on the key issues that impact quality-of-life, including:

  • Land use and development
  • Streets and other infrastructure
  • Education
  • Parks and recreation
  • Fiscal condition of government agencies that serve Pleasant Hill residents

We are funded exclusively by membership dues and donations. Founded in 1985, PHCRG leads the way in providing oversight of Pleasant Hill local government. 



We stay informed and work cooperatively to find solutions that benefit residents.

We actively resist unwarranted taxes and fees; inconsistent application of zoning and other regulations; government secrecy, inefficiency and waste.

We challenge our public officials to put residents first and do business in a way that is responsive, ethical and accountable. We expect government to deliver optimal value for every tax dollar and make decisions with residents' long-term interests in mind.