Got Shame? Harris-Noack Campaign Signs Violate City Rules

Campaign signs are an eyesore and a big headache for city code enforcement staff. However, the manner in which a campaign manages its sign program offers insight into the candidate and his/her campaign organization.

In Pleasant Hill, volunteers with the Weir + Englund campaigns report violations of City rules by the Harris-Noack campaigns.  For example, Harris-Noack signs affixed to chain barriers on property located across from Safeway at Oak Park Blvd. and Putnam Rd. are in clear violation of the City’s sign ordinance (Chapt. 18.60 of the City's Municipal Code).  As a first-time candidate, it's possible Noack doesn't know better. However, given this is Harris' fourth run for office in Pleasant Hill, he has no excuse.

More troubling are the illegally-placed Harris-Noack signs on private property, on the east side of Pleasant Hill Rd. south of Boyd Rd.  The property owners, the Molino family, gave exclusive permission to the Weir + Englund campaigns to post signs on their property.  When Harris-Noack campaign signs popped up at this location, they were removed by the property owner and the City was notified.    

Later, Harris-Noack signs again were placed on the Molino's property without owner's permission – and with hand-written signs affixed to them stating “sign has owner's permission." Property owner Jim Molino confirms he hasn't given permission to the Harris-Noack campaign to post signs on his property.  (Do the Harris-Noack campaigns need to brush up on the Fair Campaign Pledge?)

City code enforcement confirms that the adjacent area, at the corner of Boyd and Pleasant Hill Roads, is limited to a total of 6 signs.  At the outset of the fall campaign, Weir + Englund signs were the first placed there.  Later, Harris-Noack signs were added in numbers that exceed the permissible maximum.  

The good news:  Election Day -- and removal of all those annoying campaign signs – is just days away!